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That Moment You’ve All Been Wai-Zzzzzz…

Updated: Apr 13

Senator Mark Pryor: He listens to YOU!

Senator Mark Pryor: He listens to YOU!

Senator Mark Pryor has released a new, much anticipated television ad! It’s really super. It really taught me a lot. Like that Mark Pryor listens to Arkansas, not Washington or New York! Well, um, not including his votes for Obamacare, the stimulus, background checks, the assault weapons ban, and higher deficit spending!

Actually, this ad is horrific. It’s like watching a car wreck. Or train wreck. You just can’t look away. I challenge anyone to watch it without falling asleep and then, while in a Pryor-induced coma, having nightmares about those crazy, beady eyes.

Probably my favorite part of the ad is towards the end when Pryor’s eyes move to the cue cards just as he’s saying his name. Perhaps, just for a moment, he forgot it. I guess he also forgot about “protecting our Second Amendment rights” when he voted for the assault weapons ban in 2004 and supported the Brady Bill in 2002. Oops.

But that ad. Wow. It’s awful. Just awful. I mean, was he trying to top this for the award of worst political ad of the 2014 cycle?

To be fair, Senator Pryor does deserve some credit: he’s right that nothing in the gun control bills being considered in Congress would have prevented any of the mass shootings we have seen in recent years. But that seems to only add to the confusion about why he voted for the assault weapons ban and supported the Brady Bill. Did he just now realize they wouldn’t have solved these problems? Surely he did not support these bills with the knowledge that they wouldn’t achieve their stated purposes.

To cap it off, Pryor says “No one from New York or Washington tells me what to do.” Perhaps that is a response to this line from this new anti-Pryor ad:

“I’ll take Arkansas values over Washington values any day.”

Not to be redundant, but again, it’s hard to see how Senator Pryor’s claims resemble reality in any way. Here’s hoping he puts out one of these ads per day. It’ll make my job a lot more fun.

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