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The Latest on the Bowen Sweat Lodge

Updated: Apr 13

You might recall

our previous coverage of the Bowen Law School fitness center fiasco, which was generously funded by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel with money that almost certainly could have been put to better use. Bowen spent the bulk of McDaniel’s gift on shiny, new, and very expensive aerobic exercise machines. We’ve been skeptical that the resultant Bowen fitness center would see much use, because there are no showers on the 6th floor, where the fitness center is located. Maybe the 5th floor? Nope. How about the 4th? Nope. Getting the picture? The original plan was that, after their workout, sweat-soaked students could go down to the dark, dank, unmonitored basement to use the showers there. Sure, perspiring patrons will have to share the law school’s (not exactly spacious) elevators with relatively clean students, professors, and administrators, and sure, the law school basement lacks the security-camera coverage that the rest of the law school has — but aren’t these relatively minor problems in the larger scheme of things? But there was one additional problem. The showers could only handle one perspiring participant per half hour because the basement pump that pushes the water into the sewer system isn’t designed for much drainage. Oh, and if anybody flushes the toilet or runs the sink down there, the half-hour estimate apparently understates the problem. So what’s the solution? Here’s Bowen’s answer — forget about bathing! Here’s the latest announcement from the Bowen administrators. “The fitness center is open on the 6th floor of the law school. It is free to use and open whenever the building is open. The easiest way to remember is to check the law library hours. Private changing rooms are provided, but no showers. Bring your own water bottle and your own sweat towels.” So the law school administration’s solution to the problem of not having adequate shower facilities is to respond: the problem doesn’t exist. Students should simply use the “private changing rooms” to take, er, French-style showers. As the artist Marcel Duchamp once noted, “There is no solution, because there is no problem.” Of course, there is an ancient maxim that encapsulates an entirely different perspective: namely, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” Here’s some bonus reading from Women’s Health: “Do you REALLY Need to Shower Post-Workout?” (Spoiler: Yes.)

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