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Tim Griffin Would Like To Be Your Congressman

Updated: Apr 13

Let us cast our memory back fondly to the earlier part of this year, when I speculated that former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin, who was then weighing a Republican challenge to Sen. Blanche Lincoln, was really interested in running for some OTHER office. Say, let’s quote me, in interrogative mode:

Is Griffin serious about running for the Senate seat? Or is he “exploring” a run to test the feasibility before he “suddenly” decides to drop down to a lower level race and, oh, say, challenge Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder for the Second District House seat?

Thought-provoking questions, Dave! And whaddya know, today Griffin announces today he’ll join the race to challenge Snyder, just as we wondered all those months ago. He even has a (placeholder) website. (Conway’s David Meeks is already in the race, and a couple of others are rumored to be thinking about getting in.)

So let us salute The Arkansas Project’s laudable foresight, while ignoring and forgetting the many, many, many times my wild-ass, harebrained speculations turned out to be laughably and pitifully wrong.

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