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Time for School Choice in Arkansas?

Updated: Apr 13

A recent news report detailed a widespread cheating ring that included three southern states, including Arkansas. But it wasn’t the students who were cheating this time — it was the teachers.

A federal investigation uncovered 15 years of mass fraud in the public school licensing system. Apparently, teachers were hiring stand-ins to take their licensing exams for them — and many of these teachers were in Arkansas.

In response to the news, The Daily Caller’s Robby Soave sat down with Advance Arkansas Institute President Dan Greenberg to discuss the scandal and the need for less reliance on government-run schools. Greenberg said:

“The 20th century solution to the poor quality of education was teacher testing in public schools, and I think the 21st century solution is choice in education. Not just the government can monitor the quality of services–at which it’s now shown it’s done a terribly inadequate job–but parents and consumers can actually monitor the quality of education services.”

To read the full interview, visit The Daily Caller.

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