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Tobacco Tax Foes Ramping It Up (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

As noted by Roby Brock and Jason Tolbert a couple of days back, opponents of the tobacco tax hike are ramping up their efforts to fight the increase with an advertising push. Dick Armey’s Freedom Works organization is behind a bunch of TV ads urging Arkansans to contact their legislators on the issue; a Northwest Arkansas correspondent writes to note that he’s seen two ads this morning alone urging him to call GOP Sen. Bill Pritchard and urge him to vote ‘no.’ (Anybody see any links to these on YouTube?)

Meanwhile, the folks at Altria/Phillip Morris USA are running this radio ad, though I’m not yet sure of how widely it’s airing. Here, have a listen—it’ll only take 60 seconds, and we all know you weren’t going to use that time to do anything productive:

The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee will consider the bill today at 10 a.m. (UPDATE: Senate committee passed the bill, 5-2)

Via The Tolbert Report, here’s the Freedom Works TV ad:

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