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UA Prof Makes Pitch for Ed Reform

Updated: Apr 15

Admittedly, it has nothing to do with this post, but readers are demanding more cheesecake photos.

University of Arkansas education reform guru Jay Greene is the subject of this story in the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, which focuses on his stats-based approach to analyzing educational outcomes.

He compares it to the analytical strategy employed by the Oakland A’s baseball organization to compete successfully against rivals with deeper pockets, as detailed in the book “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis:

“We need better metrics to examine our schools. We’re stuck with the skills for a 1970s economy, and it just won’t work anymore,” Greene said. “The question is, what do we need to consider when we’re trying to make these changes successfully?”While other major league teams have copied the Moneyball concept, each starts with a unique situation and individual needs. Schools are the same way, Greene said.“Different schools need different approaches to be successful. Some might need more baserunners, while others need help in the bullpen,” Greene said. “There’s no one perfect universal solution, but there are ways to determine what your needs are and how to address them. The old ‘just-throw-money-at-it’ approach obviously hasn’t worked.”
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