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UCA Combats Identity Theft

Updated: Apr 15

The University of Central Arkansas student accounting society hosted an event yesterday to spread awareness about the dangers of identity theft, bringing shredders to campus to give students a chance to destroy credit card offers, sensitive paperwork and incriminating documents:

UCA’s Beta Alpha Psi chapter says college students make up 31 percent of the nation’s identity theft victimes each year. It said half of all college students receive credit card applications weekly and that many are tossed out without being shredded.Some colleges also post grades by Social Security number, another possible source for fraud, the accounting society said.

I used to worry a lot about identity theft, until I realized that anyone who stole my identity would be dead within 24 hours from the sheer thrill of being me, physically and psychologically overwhelmed because my life is so glamorous and awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I just heard Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) yelling from the kitchen that my microwave burrito is ready.

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