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Unconventional Wisdom Countdown Starts….Now!

Updated: Apr 15

My collection grows.

Zipped over to the University of Central Arkansas this afternoon to appear on the award-winning AETN public affairs show “Unconventional Wisdom,” hosted by Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders. This show had everything: Mike Masterson! Lance Turner! Zack Stovall! Me!

Yes, Sanders made us talk about the lottery, so I had to break my personal rule of ignoring it entirely, and he also forced his card check obsession on us. We played along, like the trained monkeys we are.

Our shoot got off to a late start because we were blocked by a bunch of angry Oxford American readers who were inflamed by my post last Friday dismissing the publication. Ha ha, I’m kidding. There’s no such thing as an actual “Oxford American reader.” But I’m given to understand that some people buy copies and casually display them on their coffee tables in order to appear “literate” and “cultured.”

“Unconventional Wisdom” hits the airwaves on AETN Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., so go ahead and start your countdown. Yes, I will do that obnoxious thing I do where I remind you of this multiple times between now and then.

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