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Well, That Certainly Sucked

Updated: Apr 14

You may have noticed that the Arkansas Project was down all day Friday and a good part of Saturday, because it turns out that when the health department tells you you “must wash hands,” brother, do they ever mean it. They’ll shut you down so fast it’ll make your head spin.

OK, maybe that’s not how it went. My hosting provider ran into some server problems, which they tried to explain to me, but all I heard was “infested with demons.”

So I guess I maybe need to find a new hosting service, so if you’re interested in being the new home for The Arkansas Project, send your proposals! I don’t really make a lot of demands or have a lot of specifications, though I suggest that, if you want to host this site, you might wanna be pretty lawyered up, because there’s a better than even chance that you’re gonna end up as a party to a libel suit at some point.

UPDATE: We may experience another brief disruption on Monday….

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