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West Little Rock Sound Rocks St. Paul

Updated: Apr 15

Or is it Minneapolis? I have no idea. But the exciting news, via Aaron Sadler’s blog, is that Mike Huckabee’s rockin’ band Capitol Offense—they are to this decade what the Rolling Stones were to the ’70s, or U2 was to the ’80s, or Smashmouth was to the ’90s—will be throwing down at the GOP convention tonight in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

As you all know, the Arkansas Project is a big fan of the groundbreaking musical style that has been deemed the West Little Rock Sound, and this is the first time all week I’ve been disappointed not to be at the GOP convention.

Dave, with eyes closed and fingers crossed: “Please play ‘Born to Be Wild,’ Please Play ‘Born to Be Wild,’ Please Play ‘Born…..Yes! Steppenwolf, baby!”

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