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What is Wrong With You People?

Updated: Apr 15

OK, look, I like to brag on Arkansas Project readers for being part of the smart set, better informed and more engaged than most. But then I look at my web stats and I start to have some real doubts.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Giving Arkansas Project readers what they apparently want.

The top search terms used to find this blog in the last week have been variations on Josh Duggar’s wedding to Anna Keller; searches for “Elisabeth Hasselbeck”; and those looking for news of Mike Huckabee’s mysteriously unpromoted TV show on FOX. Also popular, in fourth place: Real estate mogul Brandon Barber’s DWI bust.

The all-time leading posts that you all keep coming back to: Dan Greenberg’s rundown of Republican Rock Stars and my scurrilous report on Huckabee’s dental work.

Serious consideration of issues? Hard-hitting political coverage? A tough look at what public policy debates mean for voters? Oh, none of that for Arkansas Project readers, Dave. Heavens, no. Give us the glitz and the gossip,  and throw in some photos of chicks in bikinis while you’re at it.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Starting this week, it’s nothing but policy analysis from Greenberg and right-wing jeremiads from me and Freeman Hunt. You won’t necessarily like it, but it will be good for you. You’ve been warned!

Update: I was just joking about that, of course. If I have to choose between writing right-wing jeremiads and searching for pictures of Hasselbeck in a bikini and high heels, the jeremiads lose. Decisively.

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