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Your Friday Evening Just Opened Up

Updated: Apr 15

Steve Barnes

Just got word that this month’s episode of David Sanders’ award-winning show Unconventional Wisdom featuring me and some other local clowns won’t air on Friday — AETN is pre-empting it for some “special” broadcast with Steve Barnes and a couple of state legislators. So apparently Unconventional Wisdom will only be on the Web, unless Barnes can figure out a way to take that over, too.

Look, I can handle being pre-empted for something interesting, but Steve Barnes? That’s just terrible. Steve Barnes is the worst thing on TV, ever. His show may even be worse than Mike Huckabee’s dreadful FOX News show, and that’s really saying something.

I’d rather get an STD diagnosis than watch a Steve Barnes broadcast. The doctor could be like, “Well, Dave, I’m sorry to inform you of this but you have chlamydia,” and I’d say, “Wow. Well, ya know, doc, that’s bad news, but it’s still better than watching ‘Arkansas Week.'”

UPDATE: If you Google the words “David Kinkade chlamydia,” this post is the top search result. I am not sure how I feel about that.

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