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10 Ways Obamacare Limits Patient Choice

Updated: Apr 13

If, somehow, you’re still sorta undecided on that whole Obamacare thing, the Heritage Foundation has released a list of 10 ways that the health care monstrosity will limit patient choice (also known as “freedom”).

One of the factors listed is Medicaid expansion:

“Medicaid, the federal–state program that provides health care for the poor and disabled, often fails to ensure timely access to appropriate care because of low reimbursement. Obamacare will add at least 17 million Americans to the program, exacerbating Medicaid’s existing problems. More patients will be subject to the limited access to providers experienced by current Medicaid beneficiaries, reducing choice of physicians for current and new enrollees.”

As full Obamacare implementation grows closer and the battle over Medicaid expansion begins to heat up in the legislature, it’s important that citizens and legislators alike carefully consider these facts.

For additional information on Medicaid, you can read my article on why the state should reject expansion and what reforms we should seek to implement to put the program on a sustainable path. Also, check out Dan Greenberg’s thoughts on the subject.

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