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2010 Campaigns: The Keeper of the Scrolls

Updated: Apr 13

Lots of new developments these last few days with some of the Arkansas 2010 political races, and we’ve been

For your convenience, I’ve added a link to all the campaign tipsheets over in the right-hand navigation bar on the page. Right there, on your right. No, over there, that blue bar where it says “2010 Campaigns.” There. Right there. Right. There. See it? Yes? Good. Jesus.

Most of the activity this week appears to have centered around the Second Congressional District, where former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin and Little Rock restaurateur Scott Wallace, both Republicans, announced their intentions to challenge Democratic incumbent Rep. Vic Snyder.

Further, GOP golden boy Tom Cotton, long said to be eyeing a Senate run against Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln upon his pending release from the U.S. Army (next week), is now said to be considering the Second District race instead. So we’re carrying Cotton on both the House and Senate lists for now. Or is there a chance that Cotton will ultimately decide 2010 isn’t the year to run, after all? Y’know, just askin’.

Check out the other lists as well, which I’ve been updating regularly as new information avails itself. I feel like we’re missing a lot of names on the state House of Representatives list, in particular, so scan over that one and let me know where we’re dropping the ball.

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