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AAI Surges to 2nd Place in Social Media Ranks

Updated: Apr 13

The Frontier Lab has released their latest rankings of social media influence. The results? The Advance Arkansas Institute has surged to second place in the State Policy Network, passing policy giants such as the Goldwater Institute, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and the Mackinac Center in the month of April — and trust me, this was no easy task.

AAI (the parent organization of The Arkansas Project) made its first appearance in the SPN Social Media Top 10 in January, coming in at #10 with a score of 19.9. In February, we jumped to 6th place with a score of 24.0 and earning a spotlight in The Frontier Lab report. This month’s report — the first since February — showed AAI earning a score of 31.57, trailing only Illinois Policy Institute. But of course, as one influential state politician has alleged, we are really just two guys, and referring to us as an “organization” might be “stretching it.” Nonetheless, even as a non-organization, getting ranked the second-best in the nation ain’t bad.

Oh, and while you’re here, allow me to provide links to our social media accounts so you can join in the fun:

Thank you as always for your continued support of AAI and The Arkansas Project. We are making a difference for liberty in Arkansas, but it’s largely because of you. Now, let’s go for #1.

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