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ADG on the Unbearable Lightness of Beebe

Updated: Apr 15

"Have you seen me?"

This is a couple of days old, but the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette unleashed a masterful editorial blast at Gov. Mike Beebe on Saturday for what I’ve termed “The Unbearable Lightness of Beebe” — to wit, the governor’s ridiculous inability/unwillingness to stake out clear positions on any given issue, lest he should have to sacrifice a fraction of a point of his high approval ratings.

Writes the editorialist:

By the time Mike Beebe takes a stand, an issue isn’t much of an issue any more. He tends to give direction much the way a weathervane does, indicating which way the wind is blowing rather than trying to direct it. Safe, all right. But ineffectual. Sure, the Guv may retain his popularity that way, i. e., by just playing it safe, but to what end other than re-election? Is he aiming to be the state’s next David/Mark Pryor, whose major accomplishment is being well-liked?

I believe the word you were looking for was “Ouch.” Do read the whole thing.

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