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AFP Releases 2017 Legislative Scorecard

Updated: Apr 13

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) recently released its 2017 legislative scorecard. That scorecard describes how Arkansas lawmakers voted on economic freedom issues earlier this year.

AFP advocates limited government policies at the state and federal levels.

From AFP: AFP-AR scored 13 of the most impactful bills from the 2017 legislative session, which included a bill to repeal the prevailing wage, scaling down Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion, and an Education Savings Account bill. The Senate only voted on seven of these bills.

This year’s state legislative session made strides advancing economic freedom,” said AFP’s Senior Vice President Teresa Oelke. “Some major victories include rolling back the costly Obamacare Medicaid Expansion and the repeal of a costly and burdensome prevailing wage law. The legislature also protected taxpayers by blocking a gas tax and online sales tax, forcing legislators to focus on reducing wasteful government spending.” Oelke continued: “While there is still much work to do in the coming years, we are grateful for the legislators that scored well and chose to be a champion for hard working Arkansas taxpayers instead of special interests.”

Senators who received the highest grade possible on the AFP scorecard are Cecile Bledsoe, Scott Flippo, Trent Garner, Bart Hester, Missy Irvin, Blake Johnson, Jason Rapert, and Greg Standridge. House members with the highest scorecard grades are Bob Ballinger, Sonia Barker, Mickey Gates, Robin Lundstrum, Austin McCollum, John Payton, and Aaron Pilkington.

AFP also rewarded legislators points for voting for the tort reform constitutional amendment, special election reform legislation, and a bill phasing out the InvestARk tax credit. A scorecard released recently by Conduit for Commerce penalized legislators for voting for the tort reform constitutional amendment.

You can view how your Senator and Representative scored on AFP’s scorecard here.

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