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Ark. Democrats Hit Denver

Updated: Apr 15

The Arkansas News Bureau’s Aaron Sadler talks to Arkansas Democrats on their way to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, in a trip tinged by sadness following the murder of state Dem chief and superdelegate Bill Gwatney earlier this month.

No one will be more shocked than I if the convention throws forth any exciting news, but keep an eye on Steve Harrelson’s Under the Dome blog for an Arkansan’s perspective from the convention floor if you want to follow all the ins and outs.

*Memo to Harrelson: Get us a photo of one of these!:

The delegation will remember Gwatney with a special design on the delegation’s official lapel pin: A red, white and blue Godzilla figure set against an outline of the state, with bold “Gwatzilla” lettering across the upper left corner.Gwatney earned the nickname “Gwatzilla” for the large, inflatable Godzilla at his auto dealerships and his tenacity as a state senator.

Photo courtesy of Steve Harrelson/Under the Dome blog

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