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Arkansas 2010 Congressional Races

Updated: Apr 14

This was intended to publish last week, but those bedeviling server woes held us up. So here’s our final entry in our listing of Arkansas political races for 2010, which lists who’s in (or exploring or considering or rumored) for the state’s four Congressional seats.

This one’s timely, as Roby Brock just released poll numbers a few days ago showing Arkansans are something less than enthusiastic about the job that Congress is doing. “Are we seeing an anti-incumbent sentiment in the making?” Roby asks, in the breathless rhetorical style that is more characteristic of The Arkansas Project than it is of his more sober and respectable publications. Well, are we? ARE WE? Answer: I do not know.

And as a reminder, here are our previously published lists, which are receiving regular updates as people drop on and off the radar screen:

Send along additions and corrections as you see fit.

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