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Arkansas Bloggers at GOP Convention

Updated: Apr 15

The Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul has been somewhat curtailed due to the Hurricane Gustav situation down in the Gulf—most opening convention activities on Monday have been suspended. Little Rock Capitol Bureau reporter Andrew Demillo with the AP is on the scene in St. Paul reporting.

But when things do get started, here are a few sources to help you keep up with what’s going down:

Aaron Sadler with the Stephens Media Washington Bureau provided some dandy blog updates at during last week’s Dem convention in Denver, along with his daily news reports, and he’s doing the same at the GOP convention.

Arkansas Project pal Jason Tolbert is an alternate delegate to the convention, and he’ll be providing some updates at his Tolbert Report blog. Why, he’s already started.

And Dr. Bill Smith at the ARRA News Service blog is an official blogger at the RNC and assures me he’ll be providing frequent reports.

Anybody from Arkansas I’m missing? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. I’ll add ’em to the list.

Keep an eye on all these guys the next few days for breaking news, local color and more.

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