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Arkansas GOP: Palin a ‘Fresh Face’

Updated: Apr 15

Palin: Hail to the veep?

(Not) Palin: Arkansas GOP says hail to the veep

Well, I try to keep things on this blog tightly focused on Arkansas issues as much as possible, and we got a little off-track with all that Sarah Palin for VP business earlier.

But never fear, here’s the AP’s Andrew Demillo to get us back on topic, with a write-up of Arkansas Republicans’ cheery responses (and a rejoinder from one sour Democrat, but that’s just the way they are these days) to the Palin selection.

UPDATE: A reader writes to inform me that the sexy librarian photo at left, which looks sort of like Sarah Palin and came up in a Google Image search of her name, is not actually Palin. I suppose I could swap it out for a real photo, but I’m getting tired of doing all the work around here, so maybe you could just kinda squint until it looks like her.

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