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Arkansas Legislative Race Results

Updated: Apr 15

I’m not going to reproduce the results of every state race—for that, head over to the Under the Dome blog or the Secretary of State’s website. But I will highlight the results of a few races that have been featured prominently on The Arkansas Project the last few months, because I know how important it is for you to have closure:

Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) fended off a challenge from Joe White (D) in District 30, with Baker pulling about 55 percent of the vote.

In House District 62, the GOP’s Terry Rice handily defeated former Republican-turned-Democrat Bill Walters, in a result that satisfies a hell of a lot of Republicans I know.

In Saline County, Republican Ann Clemmer captured an open seat from Democrat Scott Smith in District 29 (that’s a GOP pick-up), while Democrat Barbara Nix defeated Republican Dave McCoy in District 28.

Another Republican pick-up in District 42, where Jane English defeated Democrat Val Yagos. And add one more to the GOP roster with young Jonathan Dismang’s victory over Democrat Keith Williams in District 49.

In Fort Smith, Stephanie Malone (R) took out Mike Bock (D) to claim an open seat.

In District 38, it looks like Democrat John Edwards is claiming the slimmest of leads over Republican Kelly Eichler. Headed for a recount?

Republican Bryan King, the incoming House minority leader, laughed off a challenge from Democrat David Stoppel in District 91 with a commanding 66 percent of the vote.

The much-covered (on this blog, anyway) race between Rep. Steve Breedlove (D) and John Van Gorder (R) ended with a smooth victory for the incumbent Democrat.

And it looks like every one of those ballot initiatives/proposed amendments/referred questions passed, including the lottery (as expected) and the ban on foster care for cohabiting couples (which I thought was headed for defeat). And annual sessions for the legislature! I suppose that will be good for blogging material, if nothing else….

More later.

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