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Arkansas Legislative Races: A Few Things

Updated: Apr 15

Just rounding up a few things that have come across The Arkansas Project threshold the last few days:

Republican Kelly Eichler and Democrat John Edwards are fighting it out for the open seat in Little Rock’s District 38, in a race that’s been dubbed “too competitive to call” over at Under the Dome. A correspondent sends along a sample mail piece, one of several, that Eichler has sent out to voters in the district, reproduced here:

I would say “Click images for larger view,” but the larger versions aren’t displaying. I’ll fiddle with them a bit more, but if I don’t fix them, they’re about education. She’s for it.

Also happening in Pulaski County: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette endorses Republican challenger Phil Wyrick over longtime incumbent Buddy Villines in the closely watched race for Pulaski County Judge. (Subscription required to read the whole thing.) Yes, I know this isn’t a “legislative” race, but I’m sticking it here nonetheless. Quoth the editorialist:

Phil Wyrick sounds like just what Pulaski County has needed for some time-someone you could trust to balance budgets, hire competent help, keep the lights on, and finally, finally, finally provide the law-abiding public in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County with the kind of well-run jail that’s long been needed. At last, a local official who might put public safety first instead of concentrating on tourist attractions, study committees, multiple excuses and other diversions from the basic business of local government.

In other races: In District 87, GOP Rep. Mark Martin is in a tight race with Earl Hunton, son of Washington County Judge Jerry Hunton, to hold his seat. Scott F. Davis at the Northwest Arkansas Times, my journalistic alma mater, sizes up the race here.

But wait, there’s more from Northwest Arkansas: Davis also has a look at the District 89 race between incumbent Democrat Jim House and GOP challenge Gene Long.

And in District 50 over in White County (open seat), Republican Kyle Reeves has to run not only against Democrat Monty Betts, but also the Searcy Daily Citizen newspaper. Reeves better up that radio ad buy.

We’ll have another legislative poll later today.

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