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Arkansas Project Poll: Bock vs. Malone

Updated: Apr 15

We’re down to the last seven days, with several state legislative races in the “highly competitive” or “too close to call” categories. Over at the “Under the Dome” blog, Rep. Steve Harrelson has listed the most competitive races for House seats, with a dandy interactive map, that is well worth review.

So let’s try an Arkansas Project series of polls on state legislative races—straight-up, head-to-heat match-ups of some of the top races in Arkansas, based on Harrelson’s list.

First up: District 64 in Fort Smith! Republican Stephanie Malone vs. Democrat Mike Bock! Who’s the favorite? Which party will be more effective at e-mailing supporters to vote in this highly unscientific absurd joke of a poll? Take it away:

[poll id=”3″]

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