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Arkansas Project Weekend Political Round-Up

Updated: Apr 15

A few notes on the political news that you may have missed this weekend while you were off on a bender or at church camp, or whatever it is you do on the weekend:

The Money Race

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette takes note of the fundraising totals for Arkansas’ federal officeholders, none of whom face major party opposition this year. All six appear to have continued raising money at a health clip, and in the cases of Sen. Mark Pryor and Rep. Mike Ross, they report cash on hand balances of $2.65 million and $1.05 million at the end of September. Pryor recently told his fundraisers to lay off, he’s feeling so flush.

The Green Revolution

The ADG also continues its “Campaign Focus” series with looks at various local races, which I’ll not link here, and nods to the Green Party opposition in the Congressional races. That includes a look at the race for U.S. Senate between Democrat Mark Pryor and Green candidate Rebekah Kennedy, and the Third District race between Republican Rep. John Boozman and Green challenger Abel Tomlinson, a political science grad student at the University of Arkansas. (I also saw coverage of the Second and Fourth District races in the print editions, but they’re only available online to subscribers, so no links there.)

Arkansas Legislative Races

The Under the Dome blog has a splendid overview of the race in House District 68 between Republican Andrea Lea and Democrat Thomas Akin for the seat of term-limited Rep. Michael Lamoureux. Under the Dome also writes up the District 91 race between GOP Rep. Bryan King and Democratic challenger David Stoppel.

See below for more on the ADG’s coverage of the House District 62 race between Republican Terry Rice and Democrat Bill Walters, which is closely watched by Republicans in Arkansas, at least.

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