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Arkansas Roundup, September 7

Updated: Apr 13

What a week in Arkansas politics…

Vodka for votes: State Rep. Hudson Hallum pled guilty this week to conspiracy to commit election fraud. According to the court findings, Hallum, his dad, and two other elected officials discussed using “cheap vodka” to persuade voters. What a tightwad. More on this story from us, The Arkansas Project! 

Lightning strikes: In a blog post, a liberal Arkansas blogger said it was more likely for someone to get struck by lightning than for voter fraud to occur. In light of his friend Hudson Hallum’s recent plea, he should run those numbers again. More from us, The Arkansas Project.

Awful ties: According to Roby Brock of Talk Business, Rep. Hallum has resigned his House seat, saying he made “awful choices.” I still say his greatest crime was wearing awful ties. And it is still unclear whether or not Hallum has officially resigned, although it is only a matter of crime time.

(Not) taxed enough already: U.S. Senator John Boozman has thrown his (personal) support behind an initiative to increase the Arkansas sales tax to fund “highway improvements.” Seems like, maybe, we have enough taxes? But I’m kind of a radical. More from Roby Brock at Talk Business.

Casino drama: Somebody is suing the Secretary of State because they didn’t get their casinos, and zzzzzzzzzz….

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