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At Long Last, McCain to Pick VP

Updated: Apr 15

After many months, our long national nightmare of pointless speculation and breathless predictions is finally over: Today John McCain will announce his vice-presidential pick and we can put all that behind us.

Yay! Now hell have more time for the band!

Huckabee: Yay! Now he'll have more time for the band!

And to my staunchly conservative e-mail correspondents who are fretting over the “McCain likes Joe Lieberman” meme: Come on! Don’t you know a head fake when you see one? The “Lieberman for VP” boomlet was engineered as a signaling mechanism to centrist Democrats and swing voters that McCain is open-minded and can work with Democrats. It will not be Lieberman. Go ahead, breathe again.

Let’s just get to it. And none of that 3 a.m. text message nonsense!

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