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Bailout Buoys Greens

Updated: Apr 15

Some weeks ago I pointed to the blog, from which Stephens Media reporter Aaron Sadler filed special blog reports from the Republican and Democratic conventions. Since then, it appears that has morphed into an extensive online election information site for Washington, Benton and Carroll Counties.

It’s got lots of candidate information and news stories, like this dispatch from reporter Doug Thompson about the Arkansas Green Party, which is claiming some uptick in public interest in their candidates due to voter anger over the financial bail-out bill in D.C.:

“I’ve always had support among Democrats, but I’ve had people who are Republicans come up to me,” said Abel Tomlinson, Green Party candidate for Boozman’s seat. “Some of them think the bailout is socialism. Others say it helps bankers, business and Wall Street.”Senate candidate Rebekah Kennedy said she’s received similar responses.

It’s kind of bloggy—built on the WordPress platform, like The Arkansas Project—and worth a look.

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