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Candidates! Look At Your Calendars!

Updated: Apr 13

If you’re one of the many, many Republican primary candidates in the U.S. Senate race shaping up here in Arkansas, most of whose campaigns are under-performing financially, here’s a friendly reminder that campaign fundraising often gets pretty tough around the holidays.

Like, see that week for Thanksgiving on your calendar? Yeah, you can probably pretty much mark that one off. You won’t be raising any significant scratch in that week.

OK, now flip ahead to December and cross off the last two weeks of that month, more or less.

That leaves you with about four or maybe five weeks to raise money for your campaign. Which would be a smart thing to do, given the numbers that many of the contenders posted at the end of the 2009 third quarter. (Take a closer look at that chart—based on the numbers some of these guys are reporting, most of those guys couldn’t even afford the $10,000 fee to file for office.)

Just sayin’. A campaign war chest is a handy thing to have, even if it means you have to skip out on participating in some dumbass “straw poll,” which is apparently poised to be the hot pointless political gimmick of campaign season 2010.

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