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Coming This Monday: Make New Friends, See Gorgeous Women, and Learn More about Obamacare in Little R

Updated: Apr 13

As you may have noticed, the federal government’s attempt to inform people about how Obamacare helps them is a miserable failure. State government has called a halt to Obamacare publicity as well. How will the people know what our government has in store for them? Americans for Prosperity will fill that vacuum Monday night with a star-studded panel of woman health-care experts at the Statehouse Convention Center (101 East Markham) in Little Rock: Dana Perino, FOX News expert and former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush;

Penny Nance, CEO of the legislative arm of Concerned Women for America; and

Teresa Oelke, Vice-President of Americans for Prosperity.

If you want to find out how Obamacare will affect your family and your budget,  make sure to attend this event Monday (October 14) and – perhaps even more importantly – make sure to register today for this event.

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