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Dobbins Takes Ballot Initiative

Updated: Apr 15

Dobbins: Touchy about being knocked off ballot.

Hey, look who’s back! Former Democratic legislator Dwayne Dobbins, who resigned from his seat in 2005 as part of a plea bargain after fondling a 17-year-old girl, has asked a judge to restore his name to the ballot in the race for the House seat in District 39, reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Charlie Frago.

State Democrats declined to certify the controversial former legislator in July. And House members passed “the Dobbins rule” in August to bar Dobbins from being seated should he be elected in November. (The Arkansas Project’s own Dan Greenberg presented his “Dobbins Trilogy” in August to explore the legal issues: Click to read Part One, Part Two and Part Three.)

In an in-depth survey of Arkansas political bloggers who are me, it was learned that Dobbins’ action was welcomed, as it will ensure at least a few more opportunities for tasteless jokes in the weeks to come.

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