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Election Day Is Here!

Updated: Apr 13

Election day 2014 is finally here. If you haven’t voted yet, you should probably go ahead and do that. I’ll be on Twitter late into the night following the election results: join me!. These are a few things I’ll be watching for tonight:

  1. Is the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion dead on arrival as is in the state Senate after tonight? A DOA diagnosis starts looking a lot more likely if both (or just one) conservative Republicans, Linda Collins-Smith and Blake Johnson, defeat pro-Medicaid expansion Democratic candidates James McLean and Robert Thompson.

  2. Two Republican Congressional candidates, Bruce Westerman and French Hill, are in close races against Democratic opponents, James Lee Witt and Pat Hays. I’ll be interested to see if both manage to pull off victories. Westerman and Hill both ran against the private option; they didn’t fold like cheap suitcases when other Republican candidates had convenient economic amnesia symptoms during the 2014 campaign on raising the minimum wage.  If Westerman and Hill both won, it would send a message to the smart set that Republican candidates can run on a principled conservative message in the general election.

  3. Finally, I’ll be interested to see if Issue 3 fails, as multiple polls have shown its unpopularity when voters are informed about the way it weakens term limits. Its deceptive ballot title only says that the amendment would “set term limits.” As KATV recently reported, this is causing some confusion among voters.

If you’re interested in seeing how your legislators voted at the state Capitol before you head to the polls, be sure to check out our new Advance Arkansas app.

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