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First-Hand Report from Clinton Rally!

Updated: Apr 15

Exciting times for the Arkansas Project! Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) volunteered to serve as the exclusive blog correspondent to the Hillary Clinton rally for Barack Obama at the State Capitol in Little Rock this afternoon. (I would have gone, but this television isn’t going to watch itself, people.)

APG reports there were maybe 1,000 people there, and they had a gospel choir. But she didn’t realize that every damn Democratic politician in Arkansas would be speaking, and she got bored and left early, right about the time Gov. Mike Beebe, that memorable and incandescent public speaker, started getting going….

So really, all that stuff about “first-hand report” and “exclusive” was pretty much a lie, because APG is totally unreliable and didn’t even stick around for the main event, i.e., Hillary’s speech.

This is the only photo APG brought back from the rally. A wiener dog. Seriously.

She did say that “Cheers” actor Ted Danson and actor wife Mary Steenburgen were on hand and offered some remarks, and she might be able to provide a photo later, so you’ve got that to look forward to. Wow, political speeches from C-list celebrities, great, and a crappy cell phone-camera shot to boot. Look, I’m just as disappointed as you are, OK? This is the last time APG is to be entrusted with any sensitive blog assignments.

Oh, and she got a speeding ticket on the way over there, so now I’ve gotta hear about THAT all night, too. Great. Jesus, what a day.

Update: Here’s Andrew Demillo’s AP report on the rally. Frankly, it kind of reads like he didn’t actually go to the rally but just had someone call in the highlights on the phone. I mean, he doesn’t even mention the wiener dog.

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