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Governor Beebe Calls AFP Ad “False, Misleading”

Updated: Apr 13

Governor Mike Beebe’s assault on Americans For Prosperity – Arkansas continued this week. This time, Beebe is taking the fight to the airwaves, starring in a new television ad produced by the Democrat Party of Arkansas.  In the ad, Beebe calls AFP a “Virginia group” that is using “secret money” to “trash Arkansas” in a “false and misleading ad.” Watch and take pride in your state’s chief executive:

AFP-Arkansas Director Teresa Oelke addressed some of the governor’s comments directly with an op-ed in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this week:

Something about our common-sense, factual suggestions upset Beebe. In a speech before several hundred state business leaders, a “clearly irritated” governor, as one news report put it, accused the ad of “trashing” Arkansas. Beebe even took this line of attack to the airwaves in his weekly radio address.It reminds me of the old aphorism that “if the facts are on your side, you should pound the facts; if the facts aren’t on your side, pound the table.” Beebe’s overheated response is a clear case of pounding the table to distract from a set of inconvenient facts.

It is quite amazing, when you think about it, that the governor is so offended by a group trying to promote economic freedom. Does he prefer less of it? And holding on to this completely ridiculous “5th in education” claim is just getting embarrassing. As we get closer to the election, the governor seems to be becoming more and more unhinged. Perhaps he should stop taking cues from Joe Biden.

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