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Governor’s Conference Shocker: Education Important

Updated: Apr 15

Gov. Mike Beebe and wife Ginger

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports on the “Governor’s Summit on Education and Economic Development” held in Little Rock yesterday, and based on this and other published reports, it’s just hard to know why they bother to host these conferences all the time. Unless you’re interested in hearing Gov. Mike Beebe assert yet again that “education and economic development are inextricably linked,” there’s little new insight to be gained here.

I actually feel pretty sorry for the reporters who have to go cover these things and pretend like they’re covering new news. I’m also pretty sure that the ADG headline writers (“Preparing future work force for global economy seen key”) are just cutting and pasting headlines from the last economic development conference the paper covered. I’m on to you, headline writers.

Noted: An Arkansas Project correspondent dropped an e-mail  that Sen. Bob Johnson, Arkansas Senate majority leader, was speaking at a conference panel Wednesday and blasted the increase to the state severance task passed in the special legislative session in the spring. Johnson expressed regret that he did not do more to fight it.

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