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Halter: ‘Stay Tuned’ On Lincoln Senate Challenge? (Updated: Never Mind!)

Updated: Apr 15

We’ve covered here the rumor mill suggestions that Halter would launch a primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, which makes this portion of the LCD’s editorial that much more intriguing:

Yet, for all his abilities and talents, Halter seems to mostly get the cold shoulder from Beebe and others in the power structure, especially among Democrats.It’s the arms-length approach that greets Halter at ever turn that makes his comments Friday that much more confusing.When asked about his interest in perhaps opposing Lincoln, who is seeking a third term to the U.S. Senate next year, Halter did nothing to deflate the trial balloon.“Stay tuned” was his coy reply.

The editorial is as coy as Halter, giving us little sense as to where or to whom this cryptic statement was offered. (The editorialist goes on to warn Halter against the whole idea.)

But surely he’s not thinking about it, right? Surely he hasn’t been contacted by any, oh, I don’t know, disgruntled union types unhappy with Lincoln’s statement that she would oppose union-backed card check legislation?

Are there any such disgruntled union types out there? I can’t seem to think of any, can you?

UPDATE: Nemo in the comments section and a blogging John Brummett both pooh-pooh the “Stay tuned” angle, arguing that the LCD editorial takes Halter’s comments out of context. Nemo clarifies:

I asked the question and his answer was a two part reply: ” I’m raising money for re-election,” and to what’s his next project, his response was “stay tuned.”

Mystery solved? Sure, OK. But we sure had fun while it lasted, didn’t we?

UPDATE II: More on all this business from Blake’s Think Tank. And be sure to check the comments section below for feedback from Log Cabin Democrat editorialist Rick Fahr.

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