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Hold Down The Fort: Gene Jeffress Goes Native

Updated: Apr 13

The fearless Chief Jeffress.

You probably remember the series of videos of state Senator Gene Jeffress we posted back in July.  Jeffress, a candidate for Congress in south Arkansas, was filmed at a town hall meeting espousing the wonders of Obamacare.  Jeffress’s credulous Obamacare advocacy was one step away from arguing that Obamacare would raise the dead to life or make the lame walk. Another video featured Jeffress repeating a racial slur — the “n-word.”

Well, now another town hall video of the senator has surfaced, this time featuring Jeffress using a racial slur against Native Americans.  The term Jeffress uses is “Cochise,” the name of a famous Native American chief.  Hear for yourself:

An important distinction between this slur and the previous one is that, this time, he isn’t quoting anyone — he is using the slur on his own initiative.

I’m not particularly familiar with the term “Cochise” in the vernacular, but friends from south Arkansas indicate that this is a less than flattering expression towards Native Americans and those of Native American heritage–like me and Elizabeth Warren. (If you’re curious, you can double-check in the Internet Racial Slur Database. Note, however, that there are very offensive terms included at that link which I do not endorse.)

At this point, I’m pretty sure that, by the State Department’s Chief Diversity Officer’s own standards, Senator Jeffress is now officially racist (as if his use of the “n-word” wasn’t enough of an indictment).

In fairness, though, it’s perhaps more likely that (as a friend emailed me) “it’s not that he’s a racist: he’s just a stupid and unwittingly offensive person.”

A new poll from Talk Business shows Gene Jeffress getting scalped by Republican opponent Tom Cotton by nearly 30%.

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