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Inauguration Fever Hits Arkansas, Tix in Demand

Updated: Apr 15

Arkansas congressional delegation offices receive an object lesson in the principles of scarcity and supply and demand as requests for presidential inauguration tickets pour in. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Jane Fullerton reports:

Each office expects to receive about 200 tickets — there are a total of 240,000 — which will be distributed just days before the ceremony and must be picked up in person. The tickets are free, and available only through congressional offices, so organizers have warned repeatedly against purchasing any tickets online, saying any such offer would be bogus.“The whole delegation is working together to help as many constituents as possible,” [Sen. Mark Pryor spokesman Lisa] Ackerman said. “We’re trying to spread them as far as possible.”

Since it’s congressional staff developing the distribution process, I’m sure that the process will be as convoluted and asinine as you can possibly imagine. I don’t know why they’re making it so difficult—there’s nothing easier than distributing tickets equitably. Just print ’em up on some gold slips and stick ’em into a random assortment of chocolate bars to be sold in stores around the state. If it’s good enough for getting in to the chocolate factory, it’s good enough for the inauguration.

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