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Keep An Eye On This Tom Cotton Fellow

Updated: Apr 15

Everybody wants to be your senator! One name floated frequently as a potential candidate in recent months has been that of Thomas Cotton, a Yell County native and Harvard-educated lawyer who resigned his job with a D.C. law firm after 9/11 to enlist in the military. Right now he’s on active duty, but is expected to return home to Arkansas this summer.

Sources close to Cotton say that he’s taking a harder look at the 2010 Senate race and considering a challenge to Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln as a Republican.

While we’re on the subject and in case you missed it, The Tolbert Report noted Friday that North Little Rock businessman Tom Cox, one of the organizers of the Tea Party movement in central Arkansas, is considering jumping into this race. I’ve heard the same, so add that one to your watch list as well.

UPDATE 7/25/11: With Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Ross announcing he won’t run for re-election in Arkansas’ Fourth District in 2012, Cotton has reemerged as a potential candidate for Congress.

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