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Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Lottery Vote

Updated: Apr 15

Oh, my, we’ve seen more interesting news on the Arkansas lottery in the last four days than in the last four months….

The conservative Arkansas Family Council, which is more or less leading the anti-lottery push in the state, asked the Arkansas Supreme Court on Friday to have the lottery proposal thrown off the ballot, the AP’s Andrew Demillo reports:

In the complaint, the council argues that the proposed constitutional amendment’s title and name are “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading” because they don’t define lotteries and doesn’t warn voters of potential consequences of authorizing a state-run lottery. The proposal leaves it up to the Legislature to work out the details of the lottery and the scholarships it would fund.

Bud Jackson, who is Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s mouthpiece on the lottery push, offers one of his typical hyperventilating responses.

“This is yet the latest example that the Family Council, a special interest organization, will do anything to impose its will upon the entire state of Arkansas and do anything to prevent Arkansans from having the right to vote on this themselves,” Jackson said.Jackson said the lawsuit has shut the door on any possibility of debates between the lottery campaign and the Family Council.“We’re not going to have an honest debate with an organization that isn’t interested in dealing with the pros and cons of this issue,” Jackson said.

By the way, the Arkansas Journal blog has some more on the Family Council’s efforts on other ballot initiatives. Check it out.

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