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Leaving St. Paul: GOP Convention Wrap-Up

Updated: Apr 15

Following what I thought was a solid but unspectacular speech from GOP nominee John McCain on Thursday night, the Republican National Convention came to a close. A final wrap-up from our Arkansas correspondents in Minneapolis-St. Paul:

Jason Tolbert at the Tolbert Report blog captured nice flashes of color throughout the convention, including some video chats with former Bush advisor Karl Rove and Arkansas Rep. Mark Martin. And did I mention he has footage of Mike Huckabee’s band, Capitol Offense, performing? Oh, yes. He does.

Bill Smith at the ARRA News Service was an official blogger to the convention. He’s got the full video of both the McCain and Sarah Palin acceptance speeches at his blog.

Aaron Sadler of the Stephens Media Washington Bureau reports that Arkansas GOP delegates return home pumped up over the fact that Arkansas will stay red in the ’08 presidential race. Sadler provided some fine blog updates from both the Democratic and Republican conventions, and we’re hoping that his NWAVote blog will remain active through the political season.

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