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Leding Announces Run For District 92 House Seat

Updated: Apr 15

Meant to mention this previously, but Democrat Greg Leding of Fayetteville announced over the weekend via news release that he plans to run for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 92, which is the seat currently held by Rep. Lindsley Smith, also a Democrat, who is term-limited. He’s also on Twitter, if that’s your thing.

At some point perhaps I’ll put together a nice page detailing all these stray little announcements and rumors. Perhaps.

UPDATE: More on this race from the Fayettevillage Voice blog, which offers much more local detail and notes that former Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce head Bill Ramsey is also looking to get into the race. (The FV blogger also points to this earlier report on the potential candidates in the Northwest Arkansas Times, which I’d missed previously.)

And A Younger Shade of Blue, the Young Democrats’ blog in Fayetteville, serves up an exclusive interview with Leding in which he talks about his campaign themes and priorities.

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