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Liberal Groups’ Ad Targets Berry Housing Vote

Updated: Apr 15

We noted a few weeks back the news that liberal advocacy organizations would be targeting Arkansas Democratic Rep. Marion Berry for his vote against the housing bill in ads featuring First District residents who’d lost their homes to foreclosure.

Ta da, here’s the ad!:

The ad includes a visual of some Bible passages when she talks about relying on her faith. Are they the least bit relevant to the content of the ad? Maybe we should ask someone who knows more about biblical stuff than I do (i.e., almost anybody). Bill from Sheridan, call your office!

Lefty blogger Chris Bowers has the full rundown of this project for “progressive accountability” for conservative and moderate Dems, and he says the ad will run 250 times in the Jonesboro market over the next three weeks. (Hey, media buyers: Is that a lot? A little? I find your “points” and other dark arts to be kind of mysterious and obscure.)

Last week, the Arkansas Project broke the news that Jonesboro broadcaster and businessman Rick Crawford was weighing a GOP challenge to Berry in 2010. Crawford has formed an exploratory committee and will decide on the run later this year.

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