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LIVE Arkansas Election Results

Updated: Apr 13

I’ll be updating this post throughout the night as election results trickle in from the Associated Press. Refresh your browser to get the very latest.

Balance of Power, Final Score

Arkansas Senate: GOP 21, Democrats 14

Michael Lamoureux elected first Republican President Pro Tem of the Arkansas Senate yesterday.

Arkansas House: A likely 51-49 GOP majority, assuming that John Hutchison holds his lead (a recount is scheduled for next week).

12:27 – AP calling a victory for John Hutchison, so AR GOP back to 50 House seats.

12:26 – Now they’re saying the Charlie Collins race has not been called.

12:14 – Arkansas GOP claiming 21 state senate seats.

12:11 – Two House races remain uncalled — will determine party control of Arkansas House.

12:01Charlie Collins race called, giving Arkansas Republicans 50 seats in the Arkansas House.

11:22 – News outlets saying Issue 1 (highway tax hike) has passed.

11:02Jerry Brown has conceded to Ronald Caldwell in (some state senate district).

10:56 – Some other races that have been called that I may have missed: Payton, Bell, Eubanks, Bragg, Malone, Gossage, and Douglas are all winners for the GOP in the House. Stubblefield and Hickey declared winners in Senate.

10:52 – Arkansas GOP now announcing they’ve captured the majority in the Arkansas Senate.

Rep. Mark Biviano called the winner in HD 46.

10:36Senator Jason Rapert claiming victory over Rep. Linda Tyler.

10:33 – Arkansas GOP calling for Joe Farrer over Judy Riley, HD 44.

Gary Meggs has conceded to Sheila Lampkin.

10:15 – Arkansas GOP calling for Senator Bruce Holland, Rep. Justin Harris, & Charlotte Douglas.

Tom Cotton wins 4th District Congressional seat.

9:40Barbara Graves has conceded to Rep. Allen Kerr (HD 32)

9:25 – AP calling for Josh Miller (Heber Springs), Kim Hammer (Benton), Andy Davis (Little Rock), and Bruce Cozart (Hot Springs).

9:20 – AP calling for Senator Missy Thomas Irvin.

AP calling for Senator Stephanie Flowers.

9:06 – Arkansas GOP calling for Jeremy Gillam (House 23), John Payton (House 24), and Kelley Linck (House 25).

9:00 – AP calling House District 63 for Rep. James McLean with 72% of the vote.

House District 22 being called for Rep. Matthew Shepherd.

8:55 – AP calling Amendment 5 (medical marijuana) defeated 52-48%.

Full Pulaski early voting results here:

8:20 – House District 40: Douglas House leads 66-34% in early voting.

House District 38: Patti Julian 51-41 early vote.

House District 41: Jim Nickels 52-48 in early vote.

8:09Senator David Johnson leads Senate District 32, 58-42% in early voting.

8:06 – Andy Davis leading 61-38 in House District 31 early voting.

8:01Mark Lowery leading 53-47 in House District 39 early voting.

8:00Rep. Allen Kerr leading Barbara Graves in House District 32, 54-46 in early voting.

7:59Rep. Barry Hyde leading Rep. Jane English 50-49 in Senate District 34 early vote.

7:58Rep. David Sanders leads Johnny Hoyt 63-36% in Senate District 15 early vote.

7:40 – Saline Co. reporting Kim Hammer up 57%-42% in House District 28 early vote.

7:31 – Arkansas is called for Mitt Romney.

7:30 – Arkansas polls are closed.

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