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Mag: Beebe Maneuvers On Health Exchange a ‘Political Ploy’

Updated: Apr 13

Health insurance exchange: Dr. Beebe has the cure for what ails you

The Heartlander, an online news outlet published by the free market Heartland Institute, looks in on the recent fracas in Arkansas surrounding the establishment of an Obamacare health insurance exchange in The Natural State.

While Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe said he’d not pursue additional federal funding for establishing the exchange in Arkansas, citing opposition from Republican lawmakers, the Heartlander’s Marc Kilmer notes that what may look like bipartisanship is just as likely “a political ploy.”

My favorite part of the article is when he quotes noted expert Me, astutely stating obvious things:

Since Beebe could have applied for this grant without legislative approval, he certainly did not need the approval of the minority party in the General Assembly. In Kinkade’s view, this reversal by Beebe is a tactic to tag the minority party as obstructionist. “I don’t think the issue for the grant is settled yet,” Kinkade says. “I fully expect the Beebe administration to come back and try to get this grant later.”

Good point, Dave! I really liked the part where you said that thing. Read it all. We’ve exhaustively covered the debate over the state health insurance exchange and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon, buster. This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, etc. etc. etc. 

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