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Mike Ross, Ingrate

Updated: Apr 13

Mike Ross made a curious statement recently when speaking at a Democratic Party meeting in Howard County. Mike Ross said:

Let me just tell you, this election is not about me; it’s not about the Democrats. This election is about the future of this state. It’s about the people in this state and it’s about who’s going to be a voice for the voiceless. Who’s going to stand up and fight for the folks that don’t have the Koch brothers on their side? That’s what this election is about.

Bashing the Koch brothers is a favorite pastime for many Democrats, but Ross should know better. When he was in Congress, he received the most financial love from the Koch brothers of any Arkansas House member since 2007! From the Baxter Bulletin in September 2012:

Amounts received by other members of the Arkansas delegation from Koch PAC and Koch employees since 2007, including amounts to their leadership PACs are: Republican Sen. John Boozman: $15,000; Democratic Rep. Mike Ross: $22,500; Republican Rep. Steve Womack: $10,000; Republican Rep. Tim Griffin: $14,000; Republican Rep. Rick Crawford: $5,000.”

In the final weeks of his 2014 campaign, perhaps Ross should spend some time thanking the Kochs for their generous donations throughout his political life, because it’s looking increasingly likely that his political life will be over for good after Arkansans go to the polls in November P.S.: For more background on the Koch brothers, here is a good Washington Free Beacon article about the Democrats’ failed war on the two philanthropists.

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