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Moneybags Pryor Nixes Campaign Cash

Updated: Apr 15

Pryor campaign manager Randy Massanelli at campaign HQ. (Photo: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor doesn’t need your dirty money.

Specifically, Pryor has told his fundraisers not to bother raising any more cash for his re-election campaign, because he ain’t gonna need it, according to ace reporter Seth Blomeley at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Arkansas Republicans, in all our glorious lameness, were unable to field a challenger to Pryor.

What’s Pryor going to do with the rest of his campaign nut? Based on the photo in today’s paper, he’s not spending it on rent, since the picture shows campaign manager Randy Massanelli sitting at a folding table in the Pryor campaign headquarters, in what looks to be a room without heat, running water or a roof. It looks like the room a serial killer would hold you in while he develops some ingenious plan for your demise.

Anyway, I presume what’s left of Pryor’s campaign cash will be squandered on a gambling jag across the border in the Mississippi casinos.

Forgoing fundraising is a bold move for Pryor, who still faces a challenge from Rebekah Kennedy of the Green Party. He’s raised $5.4 million; she’s raised $12,000. I sure hope he knows what he’s doing.

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