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More Arkansas Tea Party Protests Coming Your Way

Updated: Apr 15

There was a lot of interest in the Arkansas Tea Party Protest posts a couple of weeks back. If you missed it, about 200 Arkansans attended a “No More Bailouts” demonstration that coincided with Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Little Rock to raise money for Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

If you couldn’t make that big wingding, it looks like you’ll have another shot. Several local groups are looking to set up a chain of Tea Party protests on April 15 in cities around the state. This site has what appears to be a running list and a contact person. (Most of them also have Facebook group pages to facilitate organization.)

I see that, in northwest Arkansas, there are three events planned in Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale. Is it just me or does it seem like one big event in a reasonably central location would be more effective? It would certainly be preferable in terms of media coverage, and it seems like it would simplify the planning process.

Speaking of which, I’ll point event organizers to some tips from

Also, I’ve gotten several e-mails from people who read about the previous event on the Arkansas Project and want me to help them get involved with the next demonstration. But, hey, I’m just the messenger here, not the organizer. If you want more information on the events themselves or how they can be involved, again, check out this site.

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