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More From Gene Jeffress On Obamacare: “I’m Christian Enough That I Love My Neighbors&#82

Updated: Apr 13

A book we may all have to order before the end of the 2012 election season.

Folks, I’m just out of words.  A third Gene Jeffress video has been released.

In this latest flick, Jeffress literally solicits “amens” from the audience, and says “I’m Christian enough that I love my neighbors.”  Apparently his bible teaches him that Obamacare is good public policy.  No really, he said that.

One particularly interesting exchange happens when a man in the audience innocently asks Jeffress how Obamacare would’ve helped the patients Jeffress has been talking about (as heard in the previous two videos).  A very good question!

Jeffress’ answer:

I think Obamacare would’ve had insurance available there to have taken care of that…I didn’t say it would’ve saved her!  But it would’ve at least given her a fighting chance.

The man continues to question Jeffress, raising concerns about his Medicare coverage and health-care rationing.  Jeffress asks the man, “Who’s been telling you all of this?  Have you been watching FOX News again?”  Then, at the top of his voice, exclaims, “That’s the problem!” 

After pacing the room for a few seconds, Jeffress then proclaims, “Lives are important, folks.”  Presumably he is not talking about the unborn:

Perhaps the most striking part of this latest video is that Jeffress seems to blur the lines between his religious zeal and his policy positions.  It’s almost as if he believes Obamacare would not only re-allocate medical resources, but would actually transcend medicine and science by healing people who were otherwise unsavable.  Further evidence of this line of thinking can be clearly seen in the other video that was released earlier this week.

Gene Jeffress talks a lot about Christianity and faith in these videos.  He might consider putting more faith in God and less faith in government.

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