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‘Pizza Guy’ Is Milk Tax Hero

Updated: Apr 15

Pizza guy Rolf Wilkin

Meet Rolf Wilkin, a Fayetteville-based pizza merchant (he owns Eureka Pizza). In this story from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Seth Blomeley, Wilkin is credited  with putting a stop to all this damn milk tax nonsense by rallying his customers to contact Gov. Mike Beebe and express their displeasure.

And they did so, hundreds of them! Beebe’s spokesman Matt Decample says, in typical understated fashion, that “there is some truth” to the claim, as the governor’s office received 734 calls, precisely.

As a result, Beebe wrote “no thank you” at the top of the legislation and sent it back to lawmakers, and went and found some other money to give to dairy farmers, which is still kind of stupid but at least there’s not a new tax on milk (for now).

So three cheers for Rolf Wilkin, and I command all Arkansas Project readers with Eureka locations in your vicinity to order a Eureka Pizza in his honor, right now, as soon as you finish reading this.

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